My Father

I love my father perhaps more then any child has ever loved a dad. I understood when I was much younger about the mental illness. In fact I discovered he was on a 4-5 year meltdown when I was 16. I love my dad but do to poverty in our childhood and back hill living he became something different.

If it gets cold in my house I turn the thermostat up, my dad doesn’t have heat so he throws on another sweater or two.  If I am hungry I tend to go to the store, my father is a hunter he checks whats in season and kills his limit. If I am thirsty, I turn on the tap, he has just of cold river water to drink. We come from two different times and we think differently. He accepts what ever the issues is and works around it. That specifically you have to admire about him.

For right now though, he lived in Yakima, and his dogs are a huge priority in his life. So much he cannot move with out them. Its a bit of heart ache for me and my children but if that winning lotto would ever come about, then I would adore to get him his own thousand acres and solar powered cellphone.


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