TEDX and the Pedophilia Talk

As a victim of such acts this is perhaps the main thing that fueled my hatred, just that a program of TED TALKS and TED X Would even think for a moment to include something like this. Is SICKENING.

Honestly I have so many triggers going off just reading the comments of the filth she was quoted on. My stomach has turned and my rib cage feels as if it was closing in on me. Did the people even review what the hell she was saying? Was someone even there as this woman went forth with an acceptance of things done to children in such a manner? How the hell did our countries become this, why was this envisioned as something that was alright. Girls who are under the age of 6 are being wed off in full dresses in freaking lines of men, and often will DIE.

I want to throw up, I am so sick right now, this.. this right here, the woman asked for things to be removed because she feared her safety.

Give your damn speech to a Prison, so many inmates were victims of pedophilia who have become angered to the thought, go ahead and show forth that to them. YOU WILL FEAR YOUR SAFETY.

I am so sick to my stomach, and so upset, there are tears running down my face just to think this woman had the balls to say such a thing.


Achievement unlocked: How to make a good portion of the world want to hunt you down.


New stuff!

So I have 180-ied my life and I…well, technically, 360, with a 180 so that is looking more like a 540. Anyway, let me start tin the middle at the present and catch you up to speed. Moving to PENSACOLA!

Freaking yes, so happy to be moving back to the amazing air and the wonderfully nice people and the endless days of “wait did it rain yet?”

I love Pensacola, it felt so safe for me there and I cannot wait to go back. But I have decided to make a youtube channel, I have much more comedy skits and stories out there but that is something I will always love is storytelling.

So I have been rebuilding and homeschooling my monkeys. But it is on to the next big task and that’s youtube. I know I only have a few people here but I promise you, a laugh… or two… or something like that. Thank you those who have messaged me personally to keep me in touch. I much appreciated the kindness.