Do good. Just try it out at random.

So here it is.

A man and his son are walking through the store in front of me. The man says how they have to get back to his brother (obviously his other son) pretty quick and how the brother was not feeling that well. The kid and the man are talking a bit. About how mom was possibly not coming back and the man told him not to worry about it he will find a job soon and he can take care of this. So the son asks for some crayons. The dad says not this week he only has 7 dollars so they need to make this stretch. So I start filling up my cart. Milk, Chocolate milk, two kinds of cereal, eggs, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, chips, mac and cheese, taco stuff, breakfast stuff, lunch meat, cheese, noodles, spaghetti stuff, all kinds till my cart is filled up, I also get crayons and a coloring book. I picked out some snacks and got what I came there for. Orange Juice. I look to the kiddo and to the man and told him if he helps bring the groceries out to my car I will give him a prize for his good deed.

The kid looks to his dad, the dad kind of nods, so I am checking out I toss a couple candy bars on the lane and things go by. The kids arms are getting full but he s trying so hard to carry them all. I grab my OJ, the dad begins to help as well, “no no we got it” he says when I went to reach for something else. I just smiled and told them both thank you. I walk out to my car I tell the kid the crayons are in the bag and I get in, I do not pop the trunk the boy has 4 bags of stuff the dad has 6-10 bags (I’m not really sure how many but his arms are full. ) I tell them thank you. The guy looked at me confused and I told him “I was just here to get orange juice. ” The dad goes “Are you fucking kidding me?” Then I smile he is about crying the kids happy about the crayons and not even paying attention. I say, “Be safe getting home” I start to leave the parking lot, the boy and his dad are kind of dumb founded, The kid is waving. Waving his arms high in the air as he looked at me drive by before they walked back home arms full of groceries and the dad still had his 7 dollars.

My good deed for the day. I had some free money that I probably would have spent on an amazon movie or something like that maybe some more art colors or something. I was not putting my self in debt or anything this was just my spending cash. every cent i had left in my wallet just about went to that cart of groceries.

I feel like a million dollars.