Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow

This happens to be my favorite childhood memory. This is perhaps one of the most rewarding things as a child that I could remember. To know that LeVar is working on bringing it back is such an amazing task. He had done so much he had made so many differences in so many lives I do not think he will ever understand the change for the books. Every week I would watch and hope for what book would come out that I could read or even hear about. I never was one who was allowed to be at the library often but my love of books comes from him.


If you have not had a chance to donate to the kick starter please do. The more donations the more schools this will affect. The more classrooms this will be available in. I do not normal ask for support but this is amazing. The Culture field trips is something I always wanted to give my children. But LeVar always did so quite easily, I was involved with Magicians and clowns and puppetry all through him.



Memorial Day

Momma, hey momma, come lookin’ for me
I’m here in the meadow by the red maple tree
Momma, hey momma, look sharp, here I be
Hey, hey, momma look sharp

Them soldiers, they fired. Oh ma, did we run
But then we turned round and the battle begun
Then I went under, oh ma, am I done?
Hey, hey, momma look sharp

My eyes are wide open, my face to the sky
Is that you I’m hearin’ in the tall grass nearby?
Momma come find me before I do die
Hey, hey, momma look sharp

I’ll close your eyes, my Billy
Them eyes that cannot see
And I’ll bury you, my Billy
Beneath the maple tree

And never again will you whisper to me
Hey, hey, momma look sharp


– – – – – – – – – – – –

I love the movie 1776, but this one song out of all them stuck in my mind. I am lucky enough to have the members of my family live through the time they served. I am more then lucky to know so many who have still survived their terms. But to know the few who had fallen in my families line. I am grateful to those who serve.

I believe in the fight for the protection of children and the education of all those who live.

Thank you for serving to give us the freedom for education and the protection for the preservation of children’s innocence.