Poem for those suffering from Mental Disorders.

“Hold on to Me.”

Hold on to me.
Bottles of empty scripts
I cannot seem to shake this
No matter how hard I try there is no pill that will change inside.
Have you ever tried not being… I fake smile all the time.
You know that its just you, who is breaking inside.
The world is not so bad, so why are you so blue?
Is there anything you want me to do?

Hold on to me
Let me feel the warmth of a caring heart like the one I try to hide
Hold on to me
No words need to be said I just need someone at my side
Through all the worlds pain it isn’t the same
when you hold on to me.
5 years and 14 diagnosis battering between the broken and insane
A wondering mind of the breaking inside and I am still the one to blame.
No amount of pills can set it right
the blade falls deeper from the past and I cannot see the light
So when you ask me to sing
and I cant bare to bring its the whispers of now that I share this with you.

Hold on to me.
I can’t seem to shake free from all the pain that I had
Your thing that brings the smile back from when I was sad.
Hold on to me.
I can’t thank you enough for the trials you had
but I can promise one thing
The world will be right,

when you hold on to me.


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