The Abouts.

This is my own personal book; the things that happened in this book are about as real as they can be. The comments, the actions, and my memory of what had happened were things that could only be contained in this. I am a mother of some wonderful children, but the parenting skills between me and my father are completely different. My father has a few mental disorders but before that had been truly discovered he broke down having issues which went about clock work on a five year base. Every five years he would have a serious melt down where he needed some real help.

What I hope to happen with this is it gives people the heart to continue. There is hope after diagnosis; you do not have to break ties with those in your family that have the issues that are never met. I thought for a long time there was no way to check what was broken. The stories at the time were scary and troublesome; some are even plain destructive but, looking back on them I am thankful they happened.




One thought on “The Abouts.

  1. I love it! I can picture your dad doing that! And thank goodness, we can laugh about these things now! I can’t wait to read more! Love you, my double cousin!

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